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First we want to start by saying thank you to all the residents who joined us in Council. Mayor Colvin opened the Council meeting, as is the standard by the approval of the minutes.  All passed, and we moved into our reports for information (updates for Council) and requests for decisions (requests by administration for a decision by council).

In Attendance:

Mayor Colvin, Deputy Mayor Foat, Councillor Hanely, Councillor Funk, Councillor Narayan, Councillor Dean, Councillor Johal-Watt, Councillor Dean


Reports for Information:

      1. Chamber Update
      2. Automated Traffic Enforcement
      3. Rainbow Road Expansion + Traffic Circles

Reports for Decision

      1. Competitive Sports Bylaw


Chestermere Mayor Jeff Colvin
“This was an excellent meeting all around. First, we are so pleased with the Chamber renovation. What a difference the cameras, mics, sound, and visitor seating. A renovation that was long over-due. Council was especially glad to hear about the traffic circles and the update regarding the Rainbow Road expansion from Director Travis. Looking forward to our Council meeting on Tuesday March 14th,”

– Mayor Colvin


1.  Our first report to Council for Information was from Jay Wallace, IT Manager & Dario Rementeria, Environmental Services Manager regarding the chamber renovation.

Chamber Renovation – A Renovation for All

Jay gave a verbal update to Council explaining the new sound, audio and microphone equipment changes that were made, much to everyone’s enthusiastic approval. The feedback has been incredible about the improvement the new system has made to our council meetings.

Dario then went on to explain the structural changes that were made to the Council Chamber room. Residents in attendance expressed how much more spacious the Chamber now was. this was a great initiative by all – the vision was initiated by Mayor Colvin and it certainly seems to be well received.

Key Takeaway:

The new chamber design offers better visibility for residents and more seating for residents and guests – overall a successful project completed by all involved.

2.  Sgt. Bowman reported to Chestermere Council the freeze on Automated Traffic Enforcement Program will continue until December 2023. Current speed automations such as Photo Radar, Speed on Green are to be maintained.

Speed Traps Are Made For Safety – Not Revenue Generation

The Solicitor General of Alberta reiterated that Speed Automation systems are meant to be for safety and not revenue generation. Our CPO’s must also report quarterly to ensure they are operating within the Provincial framework and confirmed any new deployment of Automated Traffic Systems must be placed in location based on statistical analysis.

The engaged session between Council and Sgt Bowman revolved around Council’s concern for speed in school zones, as well as lack of speed signs that create confusion for drivers.

Key Takeaway:

Administration has taken note, and will work with our CPO officers to ensure visible signage is in place.

3. City Director Travis, reported on the Rainbow Road Expansion and the Roundabout (Traffic Circle) Feasibility Study.

Traffic Circle are safer, more efficient and offering landscaping opportunities for the city. 

Travis’ very informative presentation involved traffic flow, community safety, and keeping our city moving. Roundabouts are more efficient, are safer for drivers and pedestrians and offer landscape opportunities to beautify our city.

Council had many questions regarding how the traffic circles would function, and where they would be located. Director Travis will bring back to Council future updates regarding the expansion(s) and roundabout(s), hoping the projects can start in the 2023 construction window.

Key Takeaway:

Director Travis has suggested to move forward with the 3 Traffic Circles as shown below, and will be coming back to Council on March 14 with more information regarding both issues.




Bylaw Reading

The Bylaw on the agenda is the City of Chestermere Combative Sports Commission Bylaw presented by Kallen Morrison, Legislative Administrator.

The City of Chestermere – Combative Sports Commission Bylaw. 

Kallen presented the updates and changes within this Bylaw from his review and comments from the first and second council readings. As time is of the essence regarding this Bylaw the City appointed team will be getting together, along with legal to hammer out any loose ends. .

Key Takeaway:

Council asked for clearer language regarding what the City is responsible for and what the Commission is responsible. Once better defined, Legislative Services will review with the City’s legal team, then intends to bring it back to Council on March 14th..