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Rainbow Rd Twinning Still On Schedule For Summer 2023.

During our Feb 7, 2023 council meeting. Details were provided about some of the work that needed to be done prior to being able to twin Rainbow Rd over the last year. Along with resolving a 10 year + lawsuit, envisioning a new storm water solution needed to be created. This new solution provided a resolution to a 10 yr old issue around endeavors for Storm North of Chestermere BLVD and bringing down the costs for a complete solution.

This Council has been getting the City out of the construction business. In a effort to ensure clear transparency and keeping costs down, the City began a program working with Developers and their experts to design and plan new infrastructure, with the Developers constructing the infrastructure.

The original NW Stormwater Servicing plan was determined to be non-feasible and a significant collaboration between the City and the Developers was undertaken to come up with a feasible plan.

Based on great collaboration work between the City and the Development industry, reviewing past assumptions, and with the Council priority to Twin Rainbow Road from Merganser Drive to Rainbow Falls Gate/canal, the development plans have changed and include both old and new stormwater concepts to service the west side of the City.

Based on the background information and engagement with the Development industry impacted by the NW Stormwater System, a new servicing concept was developed for the NW as outlined.

This collaboration has led to a $10,000,000 savings and has kept the City’s risk down, through not banking the deal as often done in the past. Thus, keeping tax payers funds out of developer construction.

On top of this accomplishment, a new concept was thought out for our underdrain under the canal, near South Shores. The idea came to use a Splitter Manhole to allow directional control of storm water, giving the City options of flowing storm water into the lake or into the new storm water reservoir being designed. This will give the City many custom options in dealing with Storm water and in improving our control of it, additionally improving our relationship with the western irrigation district, which has always wanted more control of Storm water.

There was quite a bit of work done to get the engineering redone to provide a proper solution that took into account multiple issues and cost reductions. Along with continuing to build new relationship with our Developer community to strengthen our City and use our Tax payers funds smarter.