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The City of Chestermere Responds to Municipal Affair’s Inspection Report

Along with the residents of Chestermere, Mayor and Council just received the inspection report as well as the directives of the Minister. The Mayor and Council will be reviewing the recommendations and the directives of the Minister carefully over the very near term. As recommended by both George Cuff and the Minister, Mayor, and Council will be consulting immediately with legal counsel regarding the report and the directives of the Minister.

There is some initial concern regarding some of the findings in the Cuff report, the process by which the report was arrived at, the recommendations in the report and the directives of the Minister – legal counsel will be reviewing options, although at this point no decision has been made regarding any actions and no decisions will be made without due consideration.

The City is committed to continuing to provide good government to all of its residents by being a positive environment, a functioning legislative, and administrative body and a competent and effective municipal government in order to properly serve its citizens and the public at large.

Should any member of the public wish to review the report, it will be made available by the City (subject to reproduction costs) – it is also available online on the City’s website  –